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We're passionate about empowering you to bring about your image of a better future for your community.

But we need help too. While we're hard at work helping you, we're not taking cushy corporate jobs or the like. Your donation helps us pay the bills, and better yet, bring on more great people to build tools like this to empower you.

Donations to VoteReports are not currently tax-deductible.
Please let us know if this is discouraging you from contributing, or if you have any questions about supporting our project.

Think about it: what is empowerment worth? What is it worth to make politicians accountable, to bring the government back in touch with the people? To end the mistakes of the past, or to bring on new progress toward a brighter future?

We think we can help make that happen, and with your help, we will.

Ben Woosley
Director, VoteReports