About Us: Our mission is to bring on a new level of political accountability such that representatives are always led by their constituents.

We aim to inform, to promote truth and to combat political apathy, and are driven by a desire to support honest representatives who stand for the people's interests.

Ben Woosley
Tech Lead and Founder

Ben has been fascinated by politics and its role in society since his first substantive encounter in the 12th grade. Meanwhile his professional inclinations have drawn him to bringing order and light to large disordered sets of data. His personal goal is to use information to decentralize political power.

James Teow
Creative Lead and Partner

James moved to Brooklyn in order to work alongside some of the top creative designers and developers in the world. His design passion has been converting complicated streams of data into something accessible to the masses. His hope is that design and politics will mesh together in order to empower citizens with valuable information.

many thanks

The site exists in large part thanks to the encouragement of Jon Berger, who helped bring the original team together in November 2009 at a startup weekend event in New York City. Since then Jon and his wife Pamela, both of Market Publique, have provided excellent guidance on design and user experience, which have helped to make the site more hospitable. Great credit also goes out to Keith Gould of Daily Mugshot, who introduced James and Ben, and has likewise been a great supporter.

Since then, Vote Reports has been aided and supported by many. We at Vote Reports are thankful to each and every one of them.