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How does Vote Reports work?

At Vote Reports, we believe it's been far too difficult to know a politician's true colors for far too long. So we made it easy.

Grades matter

We put their performance in simple terms, so you know who deserves the gold star and who gets the dunce cap. High grades mean the politician is supporting a given issue, low grades means they oppose it.

The source of the ratings

Just click on any grade to see the facts that went into it. Every one of our politician grades is based on interest group ratings (e.g. ACLU, NRA) or actual legislative agendas for that issue.

Interest group reports

Interest groups individually have their own criteria for evaluating politicians, which usually includes voting records, interviews, survey results, and sources of funding. Interest groups have been rating politicians for decades, but we've made their judgments more accessible with Vote Reports.

Member created reports

You can publish your own report cards for politicians, on any issues that interests you, simply by outlining which bills and amendments you support or oppose. Vote Reports then automatically generates a score for every politician that has voted on those bills. Your reports will turn out just like these.

Believe in a Cause

Since many interest groups and member generated reports overlap certain subjects, we combine them into Causes. In essence, it’s a stance on an issue. Collecting many scores helps average the grade and avoid one or more groups from polarizing a politicians grade.

Declare Yourself

When you add in your own perspective, these ratings and causes enable your own personal insight into political campaigns which is based on the true color of the politicians and where they stand. Just answer a few easy questions to get your own personal ratings for the candidates.

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